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Prof. Zhang Boli has been the leading TCM expert sent from Tianjin to Wuhan to organise the treatment with Chinese herbs 


Interview with Zhang Boli, President of TCM University Tianjin (Chinese Language)  

Combined treatment of Western and Chinese Medicine 

TCM in Africa against Corona



Online Discussion with Prof. Zhang Boli on the Role of TCM in Combatting COVID-19 (Chinesisch mit Englischer √úbersetzung)

In this discussion Pol Zhang Boli answers question from American therapists how to combat COVID-19 with Chinese herbs.

How has Chinese Medicine helped China to fight against COVID 19 

Short introduction how Chinese Medicine was used in Wuhan with 564 patients against COVID-19.

Video Clip with Zhang Boli, President of TCM University Tianjin

How TCM works in the fight against COVID-19

Liu Qingquan, head of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, summarized the contribution TCM has made in the fight against COVID-19. The use rate of TCM reached 90.5 percent in Hubei Province, proving that TCM can play a key role in treating COVID-19 patients.