Modern Treatment Strategies from China and their Analysis

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You will find here a compilation and analysis of  different treatment strategies as they were used in China in the respective provinces.

Many of them come from the website of John Chen (

Chinese TCM Experts share their experience in fighting Covid 19 with TCM (Video)

This is al live discussion, where TCM experts share their experience in treating Covid-19 with TCM during their stay in Wuhan.

Covid 19 Formula Charts from different provinces in China

This is a summary of the different formulas which were used in different provinces to treat Covid-19.

Handbook Covid 19 China

This is the official handbook of from Zhejiang Province for the treatment of Covid-19 including Chinese Medicine. Most of the handbook is about the use of conventional medicine.

Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia from PRC 

The Treatment Protocol (Trial Version 7) is released by National Health Commission & State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on March 3, 2020. You will find the TCM treatment under article 4.

Detailed analysis of the different treatment strategies in German, by Dr.Christian Thede

This is a detailed analysis of the treatment proposals for Chinese drug therapy  and they are limited to outpatient and early clinical phases of illness or therapy. As has been shown in the meantime, this is the critical period in which it is decided whether patients will suffer a severe course of the disease with respiratory insufficiency or whether it can be avoided. Special attention is given to the changes which, due to current events, relate to the increasingly important significance of xue-stasis.

Prevention and Treatment - Chen_1

In the fight against the pandemic of pneumonia from 2019-nCoV Novel Coronavirus infection, Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine diligently used the specialties of TCM, in cooperation with relevant departments to study and formulate pneumonia prevention and treatment programs revealing that Chinese herbs played a definitive role in positive treatment outcomes.

Prevention and Treatment - Chen_2

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19  & Integration of TCM into Educational Curriculum, by Dr.Tang Ping. This an account of Wuhan experiences at the time of treatment, which may prove to serve as guidelines for others in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

Webinar with John Chen

The webinar gives an overview of the different stages of Covid-19 in relation to Chinese Medicine and the different treatment strategies.

Powerpoint for the webinar with John Chen

The webinar gives an overview of the different stages of Covid-19 in relation to Chinese Medicine and the different treatment strategies.

Wuhan formulas 

Different treatment strategies and formulas used in Wuhan. 

Qingfei paiduyin

is a new compiled formula,  composed of four classic formulas that  was widely used in China. 

Clinical Observation from Shanghai -  Corona as a Dampness Epidemic 

Toxic dampness is here the main pathogenic factor causing Covid-19.

Summary of Prevention Formulas

Modern Treatment Strategy from Zhejiang

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Zhejiang Strategy

This is a very detailed strategy from province Zhejiang.

Classical Treatment  Strategies

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You will find here classic treatment strategies and formulas that can be used for Covid 19.

Huang Huang - Jing Fang

Classical Chinese Formula Solutions for COVID-19 from Huang Huang

Classical strategies from Heiner Fruehauf

Initial Thoughts on Coronavirus Prevention and Treatment with Chinese Medicine

Selected websites focused on TCM and  Covid-19 

Selected websites focused on Conventional Medicine and  Covid-19